• 1 hour: 500 €
  • 2 hours: 800 €

Alena explains that it is her attitude that made her want to be a Milan escort in the first place. “To me, every minute you’re not having a good time is a minute wasted out of your day.” Obviously, nobody can go all out every minute, every day, all year long. That would kill just about anybody. I am incredibly lucky to live here in Milan. There are so many things to do I can never get bored. Every night, something is always going on, and it can be dangerous. I mean, the parties are endless and the people you meet are forever changing. Milan brings so many people to town, it’s great.

You’ve got to be able to rest and catch your breath once in a while. But I think a Milan escort comes as close as possible to matching that ideal, to going all out for as many days and nights as a woman or a man can, and still stay healthy and balanced. I eat right and try not to drink too much, ever. Perhaps a drink once in a while, but usually it is a wine or champagne. Not every girl is up to it. This lifestyle demands a certain kind of escort, one who has imagination and stamina. You’ve got to be able to think on your feet, and you have to be willing to give one hundred percent no matter when it is and no matter how many days you’ve been out there partying. You can’t just phone in this job. It never works that way, and no guy wants to be with a woman who isn’t genuinely enjoying herself. 

22 years old
Girl Body (cm):
173 cm